Alicante is a small university town with a beach, a great combination! The best beach is the Playa de Sant Joan, which is actually just outside of town. Although El Postiguet and its boardwalk, Esplanada d’Espanya are close, my advice is to skip them as they tend to be full of tourists (the overweight German kind) and lots of Spanish families. The nightlife centers in El Bario around the Cathedral, Calle Mayor and its side streets are loaded with bars, some of which are pretty cool, but incredibly small. Try Buggati on Calle Sant Ferran late night. I prefer Alicante in the late spring while school is still in session and the babes haven’t headed off for Ibiza or the Costa del Sol. Trust me on this one— you definitely want to check out the university, if you are here during the academic year. Oh, the babes! If you’re here during the summer, there is a special train that runs late connecting the downtown Alicante with the hot spots on the Playa de Sant Joan, which tends to be much more fun when school is out. Head to Avenue Niza and Avenue de la Condomina for the discos.   Voy Voy on Avenue Niza and Copity and Va Bene on Avenue de la Condomina are excellent.

God Damn Factor 9.0